A Leading Edge In Logistics

A Leading Edge In Logistics

Enterprise Freight Systems, Inc. (EFS) is a fully licensed Freight Forwarder and Logistics Company, which specializes in moving LTL and Truckload traffic throughout the United States and Canada.

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Our Services

EFS is a fully licensed freight forwarder and logistics company offering 100% direct service coverage to 48 contingent states and all Canadian Provinces. Learn More »

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Customer Tools

Providing our customers with the tools they need to do their jobs quickly and efficiently is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Learn More »

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Carrier Benefits

At EFS, we treat our carriers as customers. We know how important it is to keep your trucks moving and profitable. Call our dispatch department now for available shipments and to join our carrier team today! Learn More »

Enterprise Freight Systems, Inc. (EFS) is a fully licensed Freight Forwarder and Logistics Company.

Our team of professionals will make your job easier by paying special attention to your specific transportation requirements. Whether your product requires a van, flatbed, refrigerated or specialized equipment, EFS' multi-scope operation offers a diversity of solutions to ensure on-time, claim-free delivery via our through-trailer service.  Contact EFS today »


In 2006 Spectro Alloys Corp. single sourced their inbound with EFS and it has proven to be a great business decision. EFS's ability to listen to our needs and respond effectively to our demand provided great on-time service and excellent customer service. I would recommend their services if you are looking for a close relationship with your transportation provider.

Ryan Thompson | Logistics Manager

37 Years In Business